We are involved on an industrial activity with high technical complexity addressed to a segment from the first transformation level implemented to a later drawing step.

We are specialised in manufacturing special aluminium based alloys on wire rod format to be used in different mechanical, electrical and welding applications. The wire rods are produced on coils with a weight up to 2.5 t.

Metallurgical Series Main elements Typical Alloys* Applications Additional information
1xxx High Purity Al 1070-1090-1199-1100-1450 TAL-ZTAL Metallizing & electronics





2xxx Al Cu 2014-2017-2024-2117-2209-2265 Aeronautics & automotive
3xxx Al Mn 3003-3103-3207 Automotive & air cooling systems
4xxx Al Si 4018-4020-4032-4043-4046-4047 Welding & Additive Manufactoring
5xxx Al Mg 1 - Al Mg 3,5
Al Mg > 3,5
Any alloy <3,5 Mg
Mechanical & Welding
6xxx Al Mg Si 6053-6056-6060-6061-6063-6082-6101-6256 Automotive & Electrical
7xxx Al Zn 7050-7075 Mechanical & Aeronautic
8xxx Al Fe - Al Zr 8076 Electrical, Overhead Conductors
*Any other alloy can be produced upon request
Technical Specs
Chemistry EN 573-3 or any customer requirement
Aluminium and Aluminium alloys Drawing Stock EN 1715-1; EN 1715-2; EN 1715-3; EN 1715-4
Temper EN 515
Quality Certificates EN 10204 (3.1)
Coils dimensions (EU/US) standards up to 2,500 kg (5,512 lb)
EU - Typical 2000 kg (4409 lb) +/-3% - Inner diameter 560-570 mm (22.047-22.440”)
US - Typical 2000 kg (4409 lb) +/-3% - Inner diameter 750-770 mm (29.527-30.315”)
Temper: F-HO-O3

Rod diameters (mm) 9.5 – 12.0 – 15.0 – 19.0 – 25.0 – 30.0
(inches) 0.375 – 0.472 – 0.590 – 0.748 – 0.984 – 1.181

Wire diameter

One of the differential characteristics of ESALROD consists in the ability to manufacture wire rod on different diameters, starting at 9.5 mm (0,375 inches) and up to 30.0 mm (1,181 inches).

This versatility of the Continuus Properzi rolling line enables ESALROD to supply the wire industry with thick diameters, in order to meet the early-bird applications on the market, such as machining larger pieces to be used in the automotive and aerospace industries.


Nowadays we are certified on the 4 following ISO standards (9001, 166002, 45001, COVID) and are as well in the certification process of the environmental ISO14001 that is expected to be finished before end of 2021.

iso 45001 SST-0148/2020
iso 9001 ER-0790/2014
une 166002 IDI-0006/2019
COVID-19 COV-2020/0089


Our wire rod is cold drawn in order to reduce the section step by step improving in that process the mechanical properties of the alloy.

The final applications our aluminium wire rod after drawing are very diverse, been applied on different sectors and customers worldwide. The automotive, aerospace, electronics and food industries, among many others, are some examples where the alloys come to life on their final uses.

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