About us

Esal Rod Alloys, SA (ESALROD) is an entity part of the ALEASTUR GROUP and we are dedicated to the production of specialty aluminum alloys in rod format.

Our company is promoted by Asturiana de Aleaciones, SA (parent company of the group) and the industrial partner in the JV project, the German Drahtwerk Elisental W. Erdmann GmbH & Co.

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Our alloys are intended for multiple ending applications with diverse uses in the mechanical, electrical and welding segments. During the post-process of cold forming (wire drawing) performed by our customers, our rod is subject to a gradual diameter reduction at the time of acquiring better physical and mechanical characteristics. As a result of that cold forming process, our aluminum alloys are then suitable to facilitate ending uses and possibilities in the automotive, aerospace and food industries, among others.

Our Properzi CCR - Continuous Casting & Rolling technology give us the chance to produce our alloys in different rod diameters (from 9.5 to 30 mm). That versatility, in combination with the wide portfolio of aluminium alloys offered, delivers to ESALROD unique technical and commercial capabilities in respect of the main competitors in the market.

It is such a genuine characteristic that ESALROD is currently the only production unit in the world capable of manufacturing certain alloys of the 2x (Al-Cu) and 7x (Al-Zn) series rod format using the CCR technology.

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background and experience

As part of a R&D project, ALEASTUR decides to expand and diversify its activities in the field of aluminum alloys with a high technological component. After the corresponding production trials, the material samples were sourced for testing to most relevant companies in the field. The German ELISENTAL was one of the companies taking that role at that time.
A relationship was then established going far beyond the pure commercial expectations. Indeed, it was the inception of an industrial project in joint venture between the two founding companies.
As a result of the aligned interests and synergies between the industrial partners and with the temporary institutional support of the SRP in the Principality of Asturias, ESALROD was incorporated.
The construction phase of the 6,500 m2 of industrial facilities was immediately started in a 20,000 m2 plot, just adjacent to ALEASTUR (parent company of the group)
During the first months of 2014, ESALROD started the productive journey with the aim of becoming a global player of reference and willing to satisfy the growing demand in the international market. At the end of that same year, the new production plant was officially inaugurated.
ESALROD receives the Best Business Project award by Spanish media firm Actualidad Economica
ESALROD becomes a world pioneer in the manufacturing of certain alloys in the 2x (Al-Cu) and 7x (Al-Zn) series in rod format using the CCR technology.
The company receives the CEPYME500 nomination (top 500 growing entities in Spain)
First expansion with new industrial spaces and heat treatment capabilities undertaken to increase the level of service for our customers.
Due to the inherent orientation and commitment to innovation and backed with high technical capabilities, a R&D project for the ‘development of alloys through the continuous casting and hot rolling process (CCR)’ was financially supported by the Spanish CDTI and the European Regional Development Fund.
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identity and values

commitment ESALROD was founded with the commitment to fulfil the needs of the global market, through the knowledge and experience of its industrial partners. Our target continues to be a trusted and reliable partner for our industrial customers.
quality and service Our manufacturing process is subject to strict quality controls in order to achieve the highest quality standards. Constant collaboration and feedback from our customers allows us not only to meet their needs, but also to make significant improvements in the overall production chain, from the production process to the final product.
permanent innovation Continuous improvement and permanent innovation are part of the DNA of our corporate identity. ESALROD has the strategic view and technology to maintain the competitiveness and quality of its alloys. Working in close collaboration with the customers ESALROD is able to develop new alloys in order to provide the new applications that the market might require in the future.

Industrial capability

ESALROD counts with state-of-art and most advanced equipment in the world within its specific segment of the industry.

The facility located the North of Spain includes 6,500 m2 of industrial buildings in a 20,000 m2 area and a total nominal capacity of 18,500 MT/year.

ESALROD also provides its own distribution and logistics capabilities in selected geographies in combination with the existing ones within the ALEASTUR GROUP